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Most beginners, and certainly all the advanced players certainly permeated the name ABC poker, which is simple and most effective way of playing the low and mid stakes, no bluffs, set traps and playing weak hands. Written many articles about it and even books, and yet, time and time again players commit the cardinal errors resulting from poor to adapt the game to the weak opponents. Bluff calling station, take the slow play on players who have never bet on, or try to play a very complex lines (how to play the hand) at a higher level of thinking (I got it, so if he thinks that I have it, it'll play to think that I think that he thinks ...) without realizing that the opponent does not think AT ALL, and, and so it will not play any profit and loss at most. That is why I would like to once again bring the iron rules of the game ABC and emphasized that all other methods do not exercise at low and medium rates as well as the ABC works. If someone loses at low rates, is at 100% for a lot of scheming and not playing as it should. In addition, any such player thinks? Oho, when I play it 25/50centów already, you are already so high stakes that I can not play because ABC certainly lose?. Combine and actually starts losing ... and 25/50c are not even average rates! Average rates are 1/2 to 3/6, and there also works best ABC! Only above is interesting BUT! of which the weaker players do not realize is even there 95% of the hands is a solid, tight, aggressive poker! These are all great hand from television, huge bluffs, heroic test of the fourth pair are all torn hands with thousands of other monotonous, strong competition ABC! That player accidentally view the relationship with the WSOP and EPT and it seems that 80% of good hands to play slow play as third hand is a huge bluff and 72off of UTG must always conquer that opponents do not know how to play! What about the fact that the player raises 72off with the intention to show that after the AA has been paid since as I get to AA to think that a raise would be too obvious so you should only do so only call ... and then lose the whole stack on the flop when the BB hit two pairs of 93off! No, no, no and again NO! This is not so! The only and the best winning style, which will be won even a novice player a solid ABC poker! Dull? At first glance, of course! But who would not want to take ponudzić to see mine then all losers at the table and then pick up all the chips off the table?!?! Following the above, the game is not boring, there are many levels of thinking and interesting plays, reading your opponents hands, but all it really takes off and is based on a solid poker. Okay, so how ABC look like? Here are three basic rules that should not break the game, ABC: Play only good hands. No Bluff! If you have a good hand firmly bet! Play only good hands. Only good hands, that is, about 15% of all the chips before the flop (as only 15%). So all the pairs, AK and AQ plus a few other systems of the later positions. Why do all the couples? Because high are obviously very good and everyone knows it, and low are very easy to play: you hit a set and bet heavily or do not hit a set and fit. Ot and the whole philosophy. Of course, if you strongly raised and then someone else should be raised to a low (or even medium) pair of discarded because it no longer pays to collect the set. But at this point, low and middle pair are no longer a good hand (because piercing the opponent is definitely even better) and the idea was to play only good hands in any given situation! And so the two black aces are good AA before the flop but when they come to the table four hearts, and someone puts two black aces are no good! So good hands after the flop are: sets, straights, full, color or a very strong draws (such as the color and straight), all other hands have to play cautiously. Of course you should also think logically, if the table is AAAKQ is our pair of fours while giving full house is not good ... It may sound childish but I've seen a lot of these plays and then the text ... after all, I had a full house! :). No Bluff! Favorite play and one of the fundamental and most costly mistakes 95% of new players! Unfortunately, each of them seems to be that poker is the art of bluffing because I heard it somewhere ... and then no bluffing in each hand, and surprised that it did not work. Firstly, the bluff was effective to the following two conditions: It must be done so that opponents rarely think that a player never bluffs but plays only with strong systems. Opponents must be good, thinking players who pass the average hand. None of these conditions is not satisfied at low rates: Opponents do not watch and do not think. Players are weak and even with average hands have passed. So even if you can bluff, say, twice as 100PLN is the third hand will fail and lose 500PLN. It really does work! NOTE: There are exceptions: Cont bet - that is, after the conquest of follow-play before the flop when checked, only one opponent. You need to play even without a card (eg, pre flop raise AK and table 772) because it is a good chance to win the pot. However, if the opponent will flop to the turn without improving hand already bet bluff will be incorrect because usually adding weak opponent will flop and the turn and river. Obvious situations: gather the straight (QJ of spades) at the table T92 (two penalty) and assume that your opponent has a high pair. The turn and river come two penalty but did not give us either a straight or color but the enemy is waiting ... This is the situation on the bluff. If the opponent raised pre-flop, on the flop, the turn and on the river and we have not we got a table straight is not dangerous ... PAS! He no longer fold our bluff! If you have a good hand firmly bet! Another situation in which weak players make horrible mistakes ie.: Slow Play. Blinded by the mighty hand of the player, or makes too little or not at all by what she's missing a lot: It gives your opponent a free card: Nothing worse there is no way to give BB to catch something strong after limpia with AA, KK, or other good hand before the flop. Just choose the wrong to give someone with a strong hand on the flop two pair or a straight. Pool is not built: In many cases, if we put dołożyłby opponent as well as wait. If you then will the turn and the river, it would be a lot less than if betowali on the flop, turn and river. Assuming a beta of 2/3 pot on the river if you can win more chips duuuuużo. These individual situations when waiting on the flop to give the opponent choose to strong (but weaker hand) do not compensate for lost betów (and we have chosen the best hand and lose even more). Come dangerous card: straight, sometimes with a third card comes in color and in spite of that the opponent does not find the color (for example, two pairs) is no more possible to win (because players are afraid of the color of the enemy), and this is another lost bets. At low and medium stakes players do not observe the opponents, or do not care for what they do. This means that you can safely bet on strong systems strong and still a good chance to test and win a big pot. In the case of a failed bluff a player realizes that he made a mistake and learned over time that there should be so much zagrywać with nothing. Just when you play Slow Play and will tighten to a better system. Unfortunately, unlike with Slow play is when a player wins the pot on the river average. Is happy with herself and enjoys how well he played. However, do not realize that he should have won a lot more if enough bet. In summary, at low and medium rates of the simpler and more robust play good hands, without unnecessary bluffs and tricky plays, the better the results.

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